Cosmic Shambles & Trunkman Productions


Cosmic Shambles LIVE is proudly presented by Trunkman Productions and The Cosmic Shambles Network.

Trunkman Productions is an award winning multimedia and live events company based in London in the UK. It was founded in 2001 in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Trunkman’s work revolves around science communication and entertainment. They love asking questions, examining ideas and exploring all corners of the universe (if the universe had corners) and bringing their audience along for the ride. The Trunkman team have created a multitude of award winning and nominated work across stage, screen, web and radio.

One of Trunkman’s major projects is The Cosmic Shambles Network which creates and curates podcasts, digital content and live events for people with curious minds.

It’s a place for people who want to find out more about our universe through science, art, history, philosophy, music, literature. People who believe ignorance is not bliss. People who want to keep on discovering and learning about our wondrous universe and who want to have a laugh while doing it. People who believe that it is indeed our curiosity that makes us human. We believe we can never stop learning – science will never be finished and that’s exciting. The Cosmic Shambles Network brings together the world’s leading scientists, comedians, writers and performers to create entertaining content fuelled by curiosity. The approach is fun, real, accessible. Amongst the shambles there’s something for everyone.

Trunkman Productions is delighted to be bringing Cosmic Shambles LIVE to Australia and New Zealand.