Dr Helen Czerski

Dr Helen Czerski is one of the UK’s best loved science broadcasters as well as a working research physicist and oceanographer at the University College London.

After obtaining her PhD in experimental explosive physics, Helen went on to become a leading authority on the physics of bubbles. Her research has taken her all around the world, often spending months at sea on research vessels studying the optics and acoustics of ocean bubbles and how this affects our understanding of climate and beyond. A collection of some of her most recent published research can be found here.

Outside of research Helen is a regular on landmark UK television programmes such as Dara O’Briain’s Science Club, Horizon and Museum of Curiosity. Helen has also fronted several of her own series which have proved to be some of the BBC’s science unit’s most spectacular programmes, from Super Senses: The Secret Power Of Animals to Operation Iceberg, Pop! The Science of Bubbles to her most recent series, Colour: The Spectrum of Science, which screened in 2015 to critical acclaim. She has three new series due to screen in 2016 and 2017 including the six-part series Wonders of Nature looking at the science of phenomena like volcanoes, tornadoes and aurora.

Helen is a regular speaker at science festivals and events around the UK and is a staple on many of Robin Ince and Cosmic Genome’s live science shows. She is also a frequent contributor to Cosmic Genome and appears in the web series The Quest for Wonder with Robin and Brian Cox.

Her monthly columns for Focus magazine were recently nominated for science column of the year by the Professional Publisher’s Association and her first book Storm in a Teacup: The Physics of Everyday Life will be published in 2016 in the UK and 2017 in Australia and New Zealand.

  • “The darling of bubble physics. The female Brian Cox.” - Daily Telegraph
  • “It is rare that someone can explain that which seems endlessly complex and makes you feel like in fact you'd understood it all along.” - Marcus Brigstocke on Storm in a Teacup
  • “It all made for splendid science programming, accessible, interesting, relevant, exciting.” - Sunday Express
Twitter - @helenczerski
Web - helenczerski.net