I’m an atheist overseas considering immigrating to Australia – what can I do?

Unfortunately atheists are subject to degrees of vilification, discrimination and persecution in far too many places throughout the world.

As a volunteer-run and member-representative body, the Atheist Foundation of Australia (AFA) is unable to provide the resources or expertise to directly assist you in this matter – much as we would like to.

We would direct you to your local Australian Embassy, Consulate or High Commission, to help with your inquiry. A complete list of these is available at Australian Government – Our embassies and consulates overseas.

More details of visas and requirements are available Australian Government – In-country Special Humanitarian visa and Australian Government – Immigration and Visas.

All of these options will need to be taken up with official Australian Government sources (Embassies/Consulates/High Commissions). Please be wary of private bodies offering to “fast-track”, guarantee or progress a visa application for a fee – they may not be genuine.