When and where is the next Global Atheist Convention or AFA Event

Events like our 2010/2012 Global Atheist Conventions take a lot of planning (12-18 months in advance), considerable financial risk (to the committee members of our non-profit incorporated association), and a substantial amount of time and effort by unpaid volunteers.

We had hoped to hold one in the first quarter of 2017, but that is now looking less likely to happen. If we can’t manage one in 2017, then we may look at doing so in 2018.

Lately, we’ve been concentrating on organising smaller events, like Richard Dawkins in late 2014, and The Unholy Trinity Downunder and Robin Ince in early 2015.

Financial members of the AFA are informed of early-bird/discount tickets to events we organise, and sometimes to events put on by like-minded organisations, such Think Inc.’s recent James Randi and Sam Harris Tours.

Any future plans for tours or events are at the discretion of the AFA and are also dependent on time, effort, finances, scheduling requirements, community support and audience appeal of same.