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Default Re: Easy mode education, just do ID

While I was teaching at Murdoch university, I was contemplating doing a PhD, but my life was complex, and while I though doing a doctorate level research program might be fun, and had several projects in mind, I felt that I could not devote the time or the focus to do such a project justice. So as a compromise I started a Dip Ed [Tertiary Education].

I didn't last long. One of the first assignments was to describe my teaching philosophy and justify it. It sounded like apologetics to me. Surely a better way would be to compare a range of pedagogys and decided on the best one based on evidence and reason? Needles to say, that particular branch of academic inquiry cooled my enthusiasm, and I dropped out of the program.

Not being a professional educator I don't know if this was just an unfortunate choice of school [for convenience I started the Dip Ed where I taught], or if this "method" of learning was mainstream in the education sector?

Whatever, it seems that sort of teaching philosophy can be used for political means, as in the OP.
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