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Default Catholic Church, fucking up in the name of god for millennia

And still fucking up;

A STOLEN Generation survivor is among shocked critics of a New South Wales schoolís decision to teach children about the subject by telling them they were being removed from their parents in a frightening role play that reduced some to tears.

St Justinís Catholic Primary School in Oran Park has angered the community after year four students were told by a nun that they were being taken from their parents at the request of the Prime Minister because they werenít being looked after properly.

Distressed children werenít told for five hours that it was only a role play about a part of Australian indigenous history, and that they would be able to go home to their families.

Some children were so frightened they reportedly burst into tears, couldnít eat, and tried to escape at lunchtime.
I know there are teachers and ex teachers here, I am neither, but even I can see the problem here, I will let the more knowledgeable and experienced vent. I can only add one thing, it appears this school is not capable of providing proper education and should be taken over by the government and turned into a public school!
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