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Default Re: Live Near the Beach?

Indeed pip.

Veron's mate the excellent Dr.Tim Flannery, scientist and science communicator would be fully cognisant of how and why Veron has acquired this fatalistic, apocalyptic outlook he is sure is soon to be visited upon us.

But Tim is your true indomitable optimist. He says we will be making plastic from atmospheric CO2.

We are committed to industrialisation, energy, computerised systems. It's not like the gradual transitions to this contemporary order of things as transpired under the Agricultural and then the Industrial Revolutions, although the working masses suffered losing their subsistent way of life. We can't simply fall back to horse and cart and village markets, once the coastal cities, refineries and houses are submerged. Population has exploded. We totally rely on fossil fuel fertiliser, diesel and computerised logistics for the food to get there in the supermarket.

Veron predicts war for resources. What assurance is there that contention for such claims and defence of them wouldn't go nuclear? Russia has a supreme fleet of modern ice-breakers to dominate huge Arctic fossil fuel deposits as they become accessible.

I presume Flannery remains positive or believes he should maintain that mien, in the face of the unconscionable approval for Indian conglomerate Adani to exploit Carmichael, the Galilee Basin. Now we have the states contemplating going their own way with regards to Australia's commitment to the Paris Agreement, the Trump regime spurning that Agreement and going full on for exploitation, abolishing environmental protections.

I hope Scott Ludlam remains influential.

Galilee Basin statistics from ABC News.

The Galilee Basin is 247,000 square kilometres in size.

The proposed mining projects within the basin have the potential to attract investment of between $3.8 and $4.8 billion and could provide about 1,200 jobs per year.

Prices of thermal coal have dropped in recent years from a high of nearly $142 ($US per tonne) in early 2011, to about $62.

Greenpeace estimates if the Galilee Basin mines are developed to their maximum potential, 705 million tonnes of CO2 would be released each year.
We can know something only if it is both true and knowable, Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman, 2011.

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