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Default Re: All in one vaccination thread: For all things vaccination related

Ooh, ooh, want to see something really ridiculous? Of course your do;

"I think any debate deserves equal weighting irrespective of the topic, within reason, I guess."

He claims he doesn't support the anti-vaxxers, but he wants to give them equal time on the ABC!

He might disagree with anti-vaxxers but One Nation senator Brian Burston thinks the ABC should give them equal airtime.

Have you ever heard anything more ridiculous, naturally there are limits, like anything he thinks is rubbish, like the flat earth, astrology, all these things probably don't deserve equal time, but anti-vaxxers do?

No Senator, you give equal time to equally valid positions, and the validity of a position is determined by whether it's supported by evidence. So two scientific theories explaining a phenomena, both of which explain all the facts, can be given equal time until one of them is disproven, at which point you just stop giving time to the disproven one, you don't just keep giving it equal time.

"I think they are entitled to their view and perspective as well and what they see as perhaps some immunisation of children not being appropriate," he said.

"I don't share that view but I think they're entitled to express that view."

Yes they are entitled to have their view, and they are entitled to express their view, but we are not required to give them a platform, we are entitled to not listen, not host, not aid them in advancing their view.

They are entitled to their own view, but they are not entitled to their own facts, if they are disseminating falsehoods the appropriate thing to do is to tell them to go away. Of course he gets his idea of what is balanced reporting from a good source;

Senator Burston cited Fox News of the US as a good example of a balanced broadcaster, which he said had left and right commentators appearing together.

The man is spouting complete nonsense!
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