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Default Re: Y2K Revisited

I don't think the 2 digit year became universal due to incompetent programmers.

Even up to 1990 -- you were paying about $1000 USD per 20-40mb of storage -- and in the 80s upwards of $5000 per 20mb.

So if you're a bank/large business with 100,000 customer records, saving 2 characters on dates mean massive efficiency/cost benefits. Small businesses with more modern and fluid / upgradeable systems may not have had this problem because they could match the hardware/software with current trends.

Not only that -- but I work with modern languages (and never touched COBOL or any of the more low-level languages) and I wouldn't even imagine the thought of my code needing to last for 20+ years.

I daresay programmers in more ... important ... fields than I have been taught the lessons from years past to foresee decades of use -- but still, it would take serious commitment from any business to approve spending budget on future-proofing software for 30+ years.
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