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Default Re: Why most science/academic publishers are morons.

That is what I like about the Science mag websites, they cater for the serious and the casual users. But most are dumbing it down. Most serious readers will want easy access to the pdf's [which include the main paper, and supp papers. And high res graphics are also essential. Sciences advances is not bad, while Scientific Reports and Nature Comms [both from the Nature mag stable] are both good from an asthetic and a functional POV.

PNAS, which keeps the old format so far, is pretty good apart from it's download citations function, and I like the PLOS websites too.

However, some of the non-free sites are just truly awful, requiring login just to access the abstracts or supplementary files, which traditionally have been free even if the main paper is behind a paywall.

The Oxford publishers, which used to have great sites for journals such as "Genome Biology and Evolution", "Molecular Biology and Evolution", etc, which had the best sites on the net, have gone to shit.

Of course it may be that the senile old puppy just needs a new brain, but I seriously don't think I am alone in being pissed off with the behaviour of many journal publishers:-
Just stick to the idea that science tests falsifiable hypotheses to destruction.
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