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Old 14th September 2017, 10:26 PM
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Default Re: President Donald Trump

stevebrooks said View Post
The problem is this, the elected person in these "democracies" seem to think they have been elected to represent only the people who voted for them and can therefore ignore the needs and desires of those who don't.
I think its worse than that. The structures of the government institutions are reinforcing that.
"History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government".
-Thomas Jefferson

Burden of proof is the obligation on somebody presenting a claim to provide evidence to support its truth (a warrant). Once evidence has been presented, it is up to any opposing "side" to show the evidence presented is not adequate. If claims were accepted without warrants, then every claim could simultaneously be claimed to be true.

History isn't written by the victors. It's written by the people with the time machines.
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Old 14th September 2017, 10:38 PM
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Default Re: President Donald Trump

DanDare said View Post
I think its worse than that. The structures of the government institutions are reinforcing that.

Certainly there is more, I had to cut short my comment due to work requirements so couldn't explore it properly, but it's the issue that has led to all the problems in the middle east with the new democracies, they think they are doing democracy, but they aren't, it's just totalitarianism under a different name!
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Old 15th September 2017, 10:16 AM
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Default Re: President Donald Trump

Hail To The Chimp?

Chimpanzee politics can be intricate, but they always obey the rules of social dominance. Because chimps and humans evolved from a common ancestor going back 5-7m years, we humans know deep in our brains what social dominance is all about. Our expectation that social status can be seized through physical power and threat that the strongest, biggest and boldest may indeed lord it over the rest of us is very old, awesomely intuitive, and deeply ingrained.

Social psychologists today distinguish between the social dominance form of human leadership, on the one hand, and leadership through prestige on the other. Both are grounded in human evolution, but the prestige form is younger, tracing back a mere million years or so to the time when our hominid ancestors began to form culture. In the prestige paradigm, leaders attain their authority in the group by demonstrating culturally valued expertise as, for example, in cooking, defending the tribe, healing, peacemaking, or (in the modern world) science, education, technology, the arts, business, law, medicine, communication, and so on.

For human beings today, dominance and prestige compete with each other as the two primal expressions of leadership.

When it comes to US presidents, we expect to see a bit of both.

For Trump, however, it is dominance all the way through.

An especially effective dominance mechanism for the alpha chimp is the charging display. The top male essentially goes berserk and starts screaming, hooting, and gesticulating wildly as he charges toward other males nearby. Pandemonium ensues as rival males cower in fear and females grab their little ones and run for cover.
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