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Old 7th January 2018, 10:59 AM
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Default Re: 'God'

Darwinsbulldog said View Post
One of the most interesting things about faith is that the cognitive/reasoning powers only seem to be compromised mainly in the areas which are about or connected to the personal /particular religious belief that a person holds. A deluded priest can still balance a cheque-book, fanatical Jihadists can still strategies, and tellingly, theists can be just as adept at debunking another religion [except their own] as well as any rational atheist.
Thus a person may have a bat-shit crazy belief, or set of beliefs, but they are not strictly speaking, mentally ill in the sense that the mental dysfunction is usually not "global".

We know that beliefs can affect perception [for good or ill], and this sort of acts like a firewall or filter on inputs to the brain. Of course all humans have these type of filters as demonstrated in the selective attention test by Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris:-


So being focused can bias perception and make us miss things without us being aware of it, at least until we are told. Religious blinkering can take this a step further, where the person can deny reality even after it is pointed out to them.

People can get to the point where they mostly see reality as magical, or give magical interpretations to natural phenomena as if nature were only a special case [and often not a very important one] of the supernatural world. Or in other words, natural events have supernatural cause, usually manifested these days as a "loving" god-creator.

This seems to be a particularly dangerous phenomenon in regard to monotheism because even dualism [in this sense a belief in both the natural and supernatural world], can be compromised and an almost total super-naturalist paradigm results.

If we contrast this with the dualism in polytheism, the many gods are of limited jurisdiction, and this can allow natural history and rationalism [including observation] to survive and even thrive. Biologists Ernst Mayr and Jarad Diamond noticed this in Papuan and other isolated tribes of the South Pacific where technological knowledge of some natural phenomena rivalled that of science. The indigenous people's had extensive knowledge of bird behaviour and external morphology and other natural phenomena important for tribal survival and culture. In particular the taxonomy of birds was almost a perfect match to that found in science.

In effect,these tribes had empirical science of a sort, but the theory [the "hows" ] were allocated to gods of limited jurisdiction. Gods in other words, were placeholders or bit buckets for what was unknown, and attempts at some explanation in the "why" sense.

There seemed little evidence that religion was hampering knowledge of the natural world to any serious in the way like creationism does in the monotheistic faiths.
I will read the rest of your post but scrutinising the video so proclaiming 15 passes, did I count correctly 16 passes?
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Old 7th January 2018, 11:26 AM
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Default Re: 'God'

Azurisan21 said View Post
I will read the rest of your post but scrutinising the video so proclaiming 15 passes, did I count correctly 16 passes?
The number of passes was not the point. Counting them was a "Red Herring", to keep observers so busy that they did not notice the "Gorilla In The Mi[d]st".
Just stick to the idea that science tests falsifiable hypotheses to destruction.
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