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Old 8th March 2018, 10:09 PM
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Default Secrets of the Brain

Anybody seen this 3 part series by Prof David Eagleman? I found it informative and interesting about how our brains work, rules out God that's for sure.

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Old 9th March 2018, 09:57 AM
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Default Re: Secrets of the Brain

@Mods - It may be better if this thread went to Science - Biology

I didn't bother with three hours of telly on the strength of a one-liner, but did some further reading on Eagleman.

This 2011 New Yorker article is typical:

Before Francis Crick died, in 2004, he gave Eagleman some advice. “Look,” he said. “The dangerous man is the one who has only one idea, because then he’ll fight and die for it. The way real science goes is that you come up with lots of ideas, and most of them will be wrong.”

Eagleman may have taken the words a little too much to heart. When I was in Houston, he had more than a dozen studies running simultaneously, and spent his time racing from laboratory to lecture hall to MRI machine to brain-surgery ward and back. “We’re using the full armamentarium of modern neuroscience,” he told me. One of his nine lab members was studying the neurological roots of empathy; another was looking at free will. Two were studying timing disorders in schizophrenics; one had helped create the world’s foremost database of synesthetes. Eagleman had projects on epilepsy, counterfeiting, decision-making in courts, and timing deficits among brain-damaged veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as four books at various stages of completion. In early April, Eagleman was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship for his work on synesthesia. In May, Pantheon will publish “Incognito,” his popular account of the unconscious.

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Old 9th March 2018, 01:59 PM
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Default Re: Secrets of the Brain

I just finished watching it. It was pretty good. It gave a decent laymans discussion on the current scientific understanding of how the brain works. Lots of case studies of people with weird brains and experiments that have been done to try and understand how the brain works.

Eagleman is a good presenter.
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