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Old 14th March 2018, 04:42 PM
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Default Some Asspirations for Society

The easrly atheist movement seemed to embrace humanism and many of its goals.As time has passed the problem of having movement atheism has become apparent.

Lets disregard all that for now and see what we might aspire to without religion interfering and muddying the waters.

In discussing this try to drop labels where you think everyone knows what they mean. Break packages into their parts.

Here are some examples:

Equality of respect and treatment. People do have differences in capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. Treating people as having certain traits by irrelevant signifiers such as gender, appearance or disability is just silly and harmful. Where merit is required to be accepted for something make sure the measure of and need for the merit is accurate.

Evening out wealth so that everyone has their needs met in the least and can get on with their lives and safely play a part in the process of wealth creation while not always having to watch their backs.

Find better ways to deal with and lower the incidence of people that cheat the system and break trust networks to increase personal wealth in the short term.

Improve education for all and imbue it with teaching the theory of knowledge.
"History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government".
-Thomas Jefferson

Burden of proof is the obligation on somebody presenting a claim to provide evidence to support its truth (a warrant). Once evidence has been presented, it is up to any opposing "side" to show the evidence presented is not adequate. If claims were accepted without warrants, then every claim could simultaneously be claimed to be true.

History isn't written by the victors. It's written by the people with the time machines.
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Old 14th March 2018, 07:42 PM
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Default Re: Some Asspirations for Society

Pondering. I like where you're going. Will add when percolations more advanced.
-Geoff Rogers


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Old 15th March 2018, 02:52 PM
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Default Re: Some Asspirations for Society

Environmentalism has a humanist aspect. We need a planet which can sustain human life. There's a related aesthetic aspect, that natural beauty is being destroyed, and it should be preserved.

Climate denial has had a religious aspect, with some crazy people saying god made heaven and earth and humans aren't changing his creation, therefore global warming isn't real. It's so stupid I can barely bring myself to write it.

I think it's good to have humanism linked to atheism. We're not saying there's an epistemological equivalence between the two "isms". But I think the same well grounded evidence-based approach that leads you to atheism, also leads down a parallel path to humanism.
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