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Old 18th December 2017, 09:37 PM
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Default Re: Church sued over lightning strike

Who is the Judge said View Post
There seem to be some doubts about whetherthis is a true story or not.

Not really. I mean, you might have some doubts, but I fucken don't.

Some people, it seems, are more interestedin making a joke over whether or not prayers are answered by God.
Well, yes, because it's fucken laughable, innit?

But let’s suppose that it is a truestory.
Let’s consider the comment bythat judge.

Oh, by all means, let's suppose.

Too often,
How do you measure too often? I assume you have a metric for acceptable levels of often, no?

I have heard comments about “thePower of Prayer”, but people who make these comments have overlooked the mostimportant factor.
Do you have an answerfor this question - “Just WHAT is Prayer?”

Well, yes, as it happens I do. Prayer is begging favours from a figment of your imagination. Works about as often as you'd expect.

Surely, “Prayer” is a conversation with God- Between a person who believes and trusts in God, and God who is the God ofthe universe.
You'd think, right? Except it absolutely hasn't been that for the vast entirety of recorded fucking history. Go read your Bible. YHVH starts out as a mountain spirit carried around in a box, just one of many gods. It's only much later in the narrative that he becomes the Overlord of Everything, such as you posit here.

And that's only one specific version of one specific god. Most god traditions have never really gotten to the point of redefining one of their gods to being the Absolute. I mean, some branches of Hinduism got that tricksy, and certain Buddhist traditions tried something similar, but the overwhelming majority of things people have prayed to don't remotely qualify.

Prayer is not just “good vibes” as I haveheard one person say.
Did you hear that here? No? Well, then why bring it up? I mean, I'm all for good vibrations, but need batteries for that.

Prayer is not justa “shopping list” of goodies we want God to give us.

You seem to be of the mistaken impression that anyone here thinks any of these examples is accurate. Or wants to read drivel. Pro-tip: Nope.

Rather, Prayer is a heartfelt communicationbetween a believer and God.
Nope. Prayer is talking to an imagined ghost, in the (often heartfelt, but fucking idiotic) hopes that it can do magic on your behalf.

If a group of people, (and I am thinking ofthis group of Church people), have a genuine concern about what they believe tobe the social evil of some project which is proposed for their community, theymight gather together to bring a prayer to God about the situation.
And it would be fucking hilarious to witness. Almost as funny as this shit you've written here.

Now we get to the interesting part.
If God respects the prayer request which ismade to Him, and He responds, by answering with a well aimed lightning bolt,just who is responsible?It is not as ifprayer has any power at all, in itself.The power of prayer is actually the power of God, which is used by God,in response to a prayer which He agrees with.

The only thing that's interesting about this part is that you think it's interesting. Is God omniscient or not? Omnipotent or not? Omnibenevolent or not? You can't have all three, and there's good argument to say you can't have any of them and have the universe we seem to inhabit.

My advice to the judge of the court,
Because they are obviously going to give the slightest shit about anything you say?

if hecan’t decide between a bar owner who “believes”, or a congregation who doesnot, is quite simple.
My advice to you, since you apparently cannot construct an intelligible argument, is... maybe don't join this particular discussion board and mouth off before achieving something approaching an education.

Your god is imaginary. Next time you're having an earnest and heartfelt conversation with him, tell him I called him a loathsome piece of figmentary shit, and I dare him to throw a fucking lightning bolt at me.

I mean, I've dared him in person innumerable times already, but maybe he'll take it seriously if it comes from someone who truly, deeply, swallows the ineffable construct.

Bet you ten bucks everything works out exactly as if there is no god. Just as it always does.
-Geoff Rogers


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Old 19th December 2017, 12:43 AM
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Default Re: Church sued over lightning strike

Hi Who is the Judge.

The done thing is to say 'hi' first in the 'Introduce Yourself' thread at the top of the board with a little, or a lot about yourself. It gets read. It's common courtesy and is like a handshake, a leveller really.

I always assume people have credibility when I welcome them there, as one should I guess. I was shown respect and patience too from the first, but I did get challenged on conjecture I made, by Mr Black I recall. I didn't fight a losing corner. Why would you? That's investing your ego in assertions you can't support.

You start out with credibility here like anyone else. Then you blow it all at once in this binge of absurdity with the fisticuffs.

Then you will disappear I guess having profited nothing for it. Why do that?
Everything admits of a naturalistic explanation.
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Old 19th December 2017, 05:46 PM
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Default Re: Church sued over lightning strike

Now that he or she has successfully necro'd the thread, where's WhoIsTheJudge?

I'd like at least a semi-robust conversation, rather than a

[When God closes a door, he opens a window.
And then a couple of tabs so he can toggle between various genres of porn.
Stephanie McMaster (@Smethanie) May 29, 2015

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Old 19th December 2017, 07:29 PM
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Default Re: Church sued over lightning strike

The lawsuit would likely fail due to lack of evidence. Especially regarding causation.
"Send me money, send me green, heaven you will meet. Make your contribution and you'll get a better seat" - Metallica, Leper Messiah
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