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Old 9th January 2018, 08:36 AM
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Default Re: How To Own a Fundie Nicely

Strato said View Post
I agree DBd.

And what you yourself expound on, evolution by natural selection and epistemology, how knowledge is acquired and accumulated are the themes it is most expedient to stick to in such engagements.

Jason Gastrich asked Dan Barker where morality came from? A perfect question opportunity to provide the Darwinian account, the right explanation. Evolution is the account of biological life. That is awesome.The meme is a brilliant, neo-Darwinian insight into cultural evolution.

Clearly Gastrich is clueless on evolution. Barker should really study the subject. There is a bit to it.

I thought Gastrich was a curmudgeon. Also just going through the motions, mulish. Barker was doing all the higher order thinking for him. Gastrich then emailed that he had been too easy on Barker, all in the name of civility and amity. Grasping to reinstate the preeminence of his rap.

Also I think Barker's lifelong ardour for the truth was his eventual salvation. Intellectual honesty led him to enlightenment after being this kind of super-Christian, living 'by faith.' His account of his Christian life, at the beginning of the podcast is pretty interesting.
Indeed, and religion holds the seeds of its own destruction. I remember at the GAC Dan commented when he did his lecture/sermon circuit as a senior memeber how different communities of the same believed/perceived the church views differently, and shockingly so. If what he believed was a self-evident truth, then that should not be.

Again it goes back to ignorance. Personal ignorance, ignorance in a small community and what we do or don't know as a species. And how ignorance is viewed and the different ways we deal with it, or indeed to deny it. "Mystery, ergo god!

Of course, if people's brains could undergo a cold reboot like computers, we could remove the malware and poisoned directory trees easily. Just boot up the PC in a change-rooted environment [like booting via optical disk instead of the contaminated hard drive], go in, fix all the problems, replace the corrupted OS with the good one from the CD, and you are done!

With human computers, we obviously can only do a warm reboot, and there are various possible ways this can be done, and some have ethical concerns. For example, a mild electrical shock can temporarily reduce religiosity. [E.C.T. is making a comeback]. Anti-psychotic drugs perhaps, in cases of severe delusion and addiction. The idea is to "free-up" mental processes and pathways to make them more flexible. To get them out of a rut, as it were.

Fundamentalists have really strict firewall rules. Where most minds are relatively open. So part of the problem is how to relax the firewall, or find some way around it.

But overwhelmingly, the problem is emotional rather than factual. Not only [justified] anxiety about losing social connections and supports [family, friends and church/social], but dealing with reality, including the reality of uncertainty, self-reliance [no daddy-god to protect you] and mortality.
Just stick to the idea that science tests falsifiable hypotheses to destruction.
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