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Old 29th August 2015, 07:13 PM
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Thumbs up Engineering Protocells: Prospects for Self-Assembly and Nanoscale Production-Lines

Miller, D. and J. Gulbis (2015). "Engineering Protocells: Prospects for Self-Assembly and Nanoscale Production-Lines." Life 5(2): 1019.
The increasing ease of producing nucleic acids and proteins to specification offers potential for design and fabrication of artificial synthetic “organisms” with a myriad of possible capabilities. The prospects for these synthetic organisms are significant, with potential applications in diverse fields including synthesis of pharmaceuticals, sources of renewable fuel and environmental cleanup. Until now, artificial cell technology has been largely restricted to the modification and metabolic engineering of living unicellular organisms. This review discusses emerging possibilities for developing synthetic protocell “machines” assembled entirely from individual biological components. We describe a host of recent technological advances that could potentially be harnessed in design and construction of synthetic protocells, some of which have already been utilized toward these ends. More elaborate designs include options for building self-assembling machines by incorporating cellular transport and assembly machinery. We also discuss production in miniature, using microfluidic production lines. While there are still many unknowns in the design, engineering and optimization of protocells, current technologies are now tantalizingly close to the capabilities required to build the first prototype protocells with potential real-world applications.
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Old 29th August 2015, 08:31 PM
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Default Re: Engineering Protocells: Prospects for Self-Assembly and Nanoscale Production-Line

You can see the possibilities. Once you have some molecules that go through known assembly behaviours in certain concentrations of other chemicals it becomes possible to begin make fairly complex manufactories. It would be cool for example if we could have a biological soup that is fed coal and spits out graphine in large quantities.
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