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Old 8th November 2014, 11:18 PM
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Default Sexual Assault Against Children

I just got back from a cool dance concert, big company in this town, littlies to young adults. The music selected for the routines was gratifyingly irreligious.

The beloved is undergoing her final exam on Wednesday in clinical psychology, is doing placement in a service for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Sitting in the theatre, she quietly remarked to me, 'you know 4 in 5 girls and 3 in 5 boys are sexually assaulted by the age of 10.' That includes inappropriate touching, molestation to outright sexual abuse, and rape.

That was a wake up.
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Old 8th November 2014, 11:22 PM
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Default Re: Sexual Assault Against Children

Yeah, the numbers are quite horrendous.

The Nizkor Project- Logical Fallacies

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Old 8th November 2014, 11:44 PM
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Default Re: Sexual Assault Against Children

FMD that is awful.
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Old 9th November 2014, 10:05 AM
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Almost 1 million women (956,600, or 12%) reported having experienced sexual abuse before the age of 15. More than 90% of victims knew the perpetrator (ABS, 2006a).
Of male respondents, 337,400 reported experiencing sexual abuse before the age of 15. Again, more than 80% of male victims knew the perpetrator.
Two thirds of all respondents (67.6%) reported being sexually abused before the age of 11.


I think the most disturbing thing about the statistics were that almost every child that was sexually assaulted knew the offender. Yet we continue to pendle the 'stranger danger' message. Possibly it's easier to focus on the rare occurrence when it is a stranger than accept the fact that it is almost always someone the child, and likely their parent, knows and trusts.
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Old 9th November 2014, 10:25 AM
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Default Re: Sexual Assault Against Children

And then we have this in the paper today:


Australian Federal Police raided the man’s apartment in July 2013 and allegedly found the mannequin in his bed dressed in a satin dressing gown. The man told police when he got the doll he “played dress up, then put it in my bed (and used) it as a hug pillow when I sleep”.

He was charged with possessing child abuse material, a police fact sheet said. Police said the doll, which featured a removable silicon genital insert, was in the shape a female “approximately 12 to 14 years of age”, and was purchased from a website for $3667.
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Old 10th December 2015, 09:04 AM
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Default Re: Sexual Assault Against Children

What is worse in this discussion is when these turds are caught and bought to justice they seem to get a very light sentence. The defence is usually one of "mental incapacity" i.e. I did not know what I was doing your honour.... The real problem is that child molesters have their own very secret networks and those few that get caught are the ones on the outer fringes of the network which seems to be very good at protecting the members of the inner circle. I know a senior cop and he tells stories you would not believe as to who is involved and who is protecting this scum and when they do get a case before a court they pray that they dont get certain Judges with "symathetic" views on Child molestation..... Peter Hollingsworth is but one example, and he scored the top job.....

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Old 10th December 2015, 05:22 PM
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Default Re: Sexual Assault Against Children

Strato said View Post
Sitting in the theatre, she quietly remarked to me, 'you know 4 in 5 girls and 3 in 5 boys are sexually assaulted by the age of 10.' That includes inappropriate touching, molestation to outright sexual abuse, and rape.
This had me once again remembering my time in a Catholic boarding school in the 1970s. There's been a steady stream of abuse cases emerge in the courts from my old school. Five of the accused clergy I knew very well. The religious life and sexual abuse seemed so closely intertwined.

(I don't use the real names because there are still active cases and the judge in one case in particular has warned of prejudicing the trial.)

Brother A was a music teacher and one of his accusers described how he allegedly groomed him, sitting on a piano stool and rubbing his thigh on the boy's thigh, saying "let's have some fun". The defendant appealed to a higher court which published the summary of his case online, providing an unusually large amount of detail about the evidence.

Reading that summary I was instantly reminded of my guitar lessons with Brother A at around the same time, in the same music room, with its harpsichord, upright piano, parquet floor. Playing in a classical style was best done with long fingernails on the right hand. At the start of each lesson he would take my hand and file and paint my nails. I never thought anything of it at the time, but now it seemed to be a much less innocent activity on his part.

If I hadn't done any practice and couldn't play the piece he's set for me, we'd spend part of the guitar lesson chatting. He once asked me if I thought I might have a vocation, meaning would I consider being a priest or a brother. I had a childlike faith at the time - atheism was still a year or two away - but I already knew I did NOT want to join his mob, and I told him so firmly. He was clearly displeased. But I think my rebellious streak was a turn-off for him. As I became less religious, and more interested in rock music than classical, he became sterner, more authoritarian. I was less and less one of his chosen boys.

Brother A was acquitted of the charges against him.

Father B was another religious abuser. If ever there was anything that went beyond the formality of religion class and the set text of religious ritual, he was involved: retreats, fellowship groups and choir camp were his type of thing. He was into sport, too, so his predilection for grabbing boys and playfully wrestling with them seemed to have an innocent explanation. He'd even do it to boys in their pyjamas in the dormitory getting ready for bed. One of the jolly photos of everyday life printed in the school yearbook shows him giving a pyjama-clad boy a bear hug. A couple of kids confided that Father B also liked gentler physical intimacy: boys sitting on his knee, kisses on the cheek. It sounded very odd. So one morning during choir camp, when I woke not to the sound of an alarm, but to the disturbing sensation of being stroked on the cheek by Father B who stood over my bed, I felt extremely uncomfortable. A couple of years later, he was well aware of my rebellious nature and dislike of all authority... but he still felt the urge to grab me in a bear hug... I felt his genitals pressing against my thigh and forcefully pushed him away.

My unpleasant experiences with Father B were not traumatic for me. I've told the stories several times. At the time I didn't conclude with any certainty that he was a paedophile, just that he was a weirdo leading an unhealthy lifestyle. I felt great satisfaction at being presented with such strong evidence that my teenage atheism was superior to their stupid religious vocations, if it led them to behave like that. But after reading about the abuse counts brought against Brother A, it's seems likely that if I were surveyed, these events would be enough to put me in the three out of five category Strato mentioned.

The kids that felt the pain of more serious abuse lacked the protection of a sceptical mind. Father B was finally charged about 7 years ago and is now in jail. There were scores of victims, male and female, and only a fraction of the stories of their ordeals have emerged. But of what is known, many of them show how the bait for the trap was religious ritual. He was expressing god's love, he said; abuse took place in the confessional, or in intense prayer sessions.

I had a tip-off from another ex-student that Brother C was going to be sentenced in Sydney. I went along to hear a tale of horror, how he violently raped schoolboys, leaving them bleeding for days. One described the experience in his victim impact statement. He recalled crying out in pain, but the rapist seemed to get off on it, he said.

I really disliked Brother C when I knew him. He was stern and unfriendly, he always seemed angry and authoritarian. It kept me away from him. In the final weeks of Year 12 I asked him why he hated us boys so much. He was taken aback, and claimed the opposite was true.

Each dormitory had a priest's rooms linked to it... ususally there was an office section, and a room divider with the priest's bed behind it. Father D had a little social scene going on in his room. Groups of boys would be welcome to chat and perhaps do a bit of menial clerical work - folding letters, that sort of thing. Father D had the demeanour of a camp, flamboyant gay man. He would tell odd-ball gay jokes, like the one about a man who fell in love with his proctologist. He loved Bette Midler. "The Rose" soundtrack was new at the time. I don't recall him playing her bawdy Sophie Tucker routines to us, but we'd heard them elsewhere, and I recall him reacting approvingly when we discussed them with him. We enjoyed his company. He wasn't like the other priests, he was irreverent. He jokingly claimed to have lots of girlfriends in town, that Catholic women were attracted to priests. When he was convicted a few years ago, a victim described how Father D played Barbara Streisand records for him. Once again came that strange sense of deja vu, that what I and my friends had experienced might have been part of the grooming process.

Father E also had favoured boys who would hang around in his room. Two of them were in my group of friends. One day they emerged from his room, flushed and disturbed, to describe how they'd been mucking around, wrestling with Father E, who had ended up on top of one of the boys. "He got really intense" was the way my friend described it. He squirmed out from under him and escaped. This episode came back into my memory when I read in the news that Father E, too was facing multiple charges for sexually assaulting children.

All these anecdotes have cemented in my mind the connection between clerical authority and sexual abuse. When cult leaders show up in the news - be it the Little Pebble in Australia, Wayne Bent in the USA, or Sai Baba in India - there's almost a sense of inevitability that abuse claims will follow.

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Old 10th December 2015, 07:06 PM
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Default Re: Sexual Assault Against Children

I'm pretty sure I can use real names in my anecdote. I bought the daily newspaper more than 20 years ago and the front page headline was "The Death of a Man of God", with a picture of a car parked at a lookout. On the day he was due to appear in court, Brother Evans (the deputy principal at the Catholic Boys' school I attended) instead drove to a lookout and took his own life by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Our school chaplain, we called him "Father Alf" (not his real name) was notorious for inappropriate behaviour during the face-to-face "confessions" that he insisted on taking with certain boys. He was simply "moved on" following many complaints from parents.

We all thought our art teacher, we called her Molly, had a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock. She would launch into rants during class where she would tell us "this school is like an apple, nice and shiny on the outside but rotten to the core". She swore that one day the truth would come out about the school and the world would be horrified. It turned out that she wasn't crazy after all.

This type of activity went on for decades at that school. But obviously nobody dared to take on the Catholic church. There was also the unfortunate reality that society didn't care much about the physical and emotional rights of children in those days. And we still have a long way to go on that score unfortunately.

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