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Old 24th December 2015, 11:14 AM
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Default Re: to the men who have suffered or are suffering

wolty said View Post
This is a trainwreck of a thread.

I'm not entirely sure why we are discussing your particular situation with regards custody arrangements made or not made by you and your ex-partner. Especially when the ex-partner cannot defend themselves.

Aggrieved familial situations are way beyond the remit of this forum and look simply as a bitchfest to outsiders.

Yup. This

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Old 24th December 2015, 11:24 AM
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Default Re: to the men who have suffered or are suffering

ewe-gene-schoemaker said View Post
Sendraks said View Post
Really? Because your posts are very much "woe is men" as opposed to their being much acknowledgement of any suffering on the part of the female party. This is probably not intentional on your part, but it grates a bit with me.

Now, as has already been set out in the posts of others, society's attitude towards male parents is changing. I do think there is more recognition of the fact that men experiencing suffering in the breakdown of a relationship as well. It is right that this is recognised and men absolutely should not be expected to suffer in silence. I'm with you on this 100% and is indeed true for a whole slew of issues that men face, where we've been sadly raised to be stoic, unemotional, individuals who don't talk about our problems. Thanks for that patriarchy, you're responsible for the male suicide rate.

So given these problems and the importance of recognising male suffering alongside that of female suffering, how do we go about presenting a balanced picture?
I believe the two are inseparable women and mens suffering. The issues are complex and intertwined. I certainly would not try to diminish womens suffering by saying that men are suffering and if I have come across that way its not my intention.
Sorry, what??? The thread title and OP connote exactly that intention.

You could've approached this from the position of "how relationship breakdowns and custody/access issues harm children and recovering partners" or something similar. Nope, you didn't do anything like that. You made it "all about the menz":
to the men who have suffered or are suffering
ewe-gene-schoemaker said View Post
I am opening this thread because i feel its important that men can freely discuss issues they are experiencing or have experienced...
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Old 24th December 2015, 12:55 PM
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Default Re: to the men who have suffered or are suffering

I have been struggling to see how this is a gender issue, other than the rather pointed thread title. The turn of events has no relationship to gender, and everything to do with relationships. This could be the story of a gay or lesbian couple, a trans person or the genders could be reversed. This is about the law and laws, particularly in the family court are not based on gender, they do not discriminate.
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