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Old 19th April 2016, 12:54 PM
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Default Re: Religious partner

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I think the OP is making a huge mistake, as are any who allow themselves to be sucked in to attending a god cult service, when you don't believe. All you're doing is supporting their insane beliefs and putting your children in the line of fire, to be programmed into enslaved fear, uncertainty and mythical delusion.

People only believe in this stupidity because they refuse to take responsibility for themselves and are expecting some mythical war god to give them peace, love and happiness. Supporting them when you have children around, is just another form of child abuse and if you truly love someone, then you should be showing them where they are wrong in believing this load of primitive crap.

I was brought up and an extremely religious household. refused to believe or go to church after reading the bibles and attending church almost daily and sometimes 2-3 times a day. I couldn't see how any of it could be true and I was only 8, yet our lives revolved around this insanity. The even locked my in a religious home (prison) at 8 to try to beat the devil out of my, didn't work as kept escaping until I was big enough to look after myself and life on the streets of Melbourne.

The old saying fight fire with fire is true in this case and the OP should be educating his wife into the reality and facts of the cult, not allowing it to be in control of your families lives.

The bibles don't represent any reality of historical fact, in fact there is not one piece of sociological, anthropological, historical geological or archaeological facts supporting any of the claim by the god cult. The facts are the opposite and you can use the bibles to prove than easily.

Why support such a violent insanity in any way, when you can educate and save you wife and children's sanity by showing her how wrong she is and how the church is not what it claims in anyway. You can use the history of the catholic church to prove what their reality ism, you will find it consists of nothing but violence, abuse and slaughter, all in the name of a non existent mythical war god.
The educating is easier said than done in many circumstances. Religious people are often closed to rational argument, especially if they feel you are being critical of their faith. In many circumstances it is best to take it slowly, point out the occasional contradiction in their religion. Over time when they see you are a good person, despite your non-belief they will often be more open to dialogue.

From my experience with any human demanding they stop doing something only reinforces their desire to do it.
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