Episode Four

Welcome to the AtheistAus Podcast, episode four!

For this episode, we talked to Michael De Dora – the director of the Center for Inquiry’s Office of Public Policy and the organization’s representative to the United Nations – about the situation facing Dr Taslima Nasrin, her new home in the USA, and the effort to support and sustain freethinkers through an emergency fund.

The decision was made by CFI that any money raised in excess of what is necessary for Dr. Nasrin will go toward a general freethought emergency fund to assist with the rescue of other atheist, humanist, and secular activists under threat.

The good news from Ireland about the Marriage Referendum has great significance for other countries, including Australia. We discussed the issues and what other challenges are now facing the country now for secularists, humanists and atheists.

The show also features:

Paul Fidalgo, the international correspondent for the AtheistAus Podcast – you can find more secular and atheist news and cutting edge blogging by Paul at iMortal on Patheos blogs and on the The Morning Heresy – follow Paul on Twitter.

News items discussed include:

  • Vlad Chituc on the weird irony about the fabricated study on the ability of door-knocking canvassers to change people’s minds.
  • The Metro Authority in Washington, DC avoiding decisions about whether to run images of Muhammad from Pamela Geller’s group by instituting a blanket ban on all issue-oriented advertising.
  • Bikers, guns and drawing Muhammad, outside a mosque – in Arizona??
  • CFI holding Capitol Hill briefings on International Religious Freedom in June, along with allies in the movement.

In Australian and AFA forum board news – our new correspondent GoldenMane gives us the lowdown on what’s happened this month on the boards. Join him and the lively crowd at the AFA Forums.

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