Media Releases

Politicians cannot hide from fact any more regarding voluntary assisted dying

Richard Dawkins and Ben Goldacre in Melbourne for Reason to Hope

Non-believers by far Australia’s largest single ‘religious’ group: Now give us the recognition we deserve

Tracey Spicer and Clementine Ford to speak at 2018 Global Atheist Convention; Tickets now on sale

Ayaan Hirsi Ali withdraws from 2018 Global Atheist Convention; New speakers announced

reason to hope

Raise A Glass To Secularism And Humanism (Not Church Plus State), Politicians

Cosmic Shambles LIVE Tour

It Could Happen Here. Don’t Let It.

Merry Non-believing Christmas From the AFA

Cosmic Shambles LIVE Tour

#Plebafail – AFA Rejects “The Summer Of Hate” Plebiscite In Australia

Mark ‘No religion’ campaign launched in the lead up to Census

Rather than “Speaking Up”, Try Listening

Here’s A Question – Where’s An Answer, Q&A?

Religious Charity! What Is It Good For? Absolutely… We Don’t Know?

Where is your humility, Catholic Church?

Safe Schools… for religious homophobia

If there really was a God, perhaps he’d jog your memory?

Taking Andrew Hastie at his word