Episode Six

Welcome to episode six of the AtheistAus Podcast.

Melbourne singer songwriter Shelley Segal has christened her next EP Strange Feeling and has launched the album with a series of dates in her hometown, and she’s now touring the US.

Strange Feeling was recorded at Birdland Studios with Robert Upward and Lindsay Gravina. The lyrics focus on Shelley’s experiences of the past 10 years. After her previous works An Atheist Album and Little March, I was interested in learning more about her new EP – and that’s why I interviewed her!

Here’s Shelley Segal, to tell us more about her musical background and lack of spiritual origins, the influences on her work – and some of the tracks from her new EP – Strange Feeling. Songs you can hear sampled during this interview are “Strange Feeling”, “Sidelined”, “Background Noises” and “Cinema Chair” – get your own copy of the EP Strange Feeling here and find out more about her USA tour dates on her official site at www.shelleysegal.com

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