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Episode Nine

Welcome to episode nine of the AtheistAus Podcast.

It’s 2016 – have you considered joining the AFA? We’ve got memberships where you can not only support future projects like billboards, media releases and events – but also get a fantastic magazine, network with other like-minded atheists, get some pretty snappy merchandise, and have a say in the future of the association. We’re holding our AGM in March in Sydney – so consider starting your year off right and join the AFA now.

Founded in 2012, the Women without Religion Facebook page began with women without religion – and has since grown to be inclusive of feminists, rationalists, atheists, LBGTQI and cis gendered folk.


Episode Eight

Welcome to episode eight of the AtheistAus Podcast.

Can you help build the World’s Largest Skeptic & Atheist Community Center? United Church of Bacon wants to save Magician Penn Jillette’s former home…The Slammer ….and create The Nevatican!


Episode Seven

Welcome to episode seven of the AtheistAus Podcast.

Dr Karen Garst is an atheist and a life-long feminist, who is taking her Faithless Feminist views to the printed page. She’s currently editing a book about experiences as atheist women, drawing together a number of atheists and agnostics for her project. You can find her blog (and many YouTube videos) at


Episode Six

Welcome to episode six of the AtheistAus Podcast.

Melbourne singer songwriter Shelley Segal has christened her next EP Strange Feeling and has launched the album with a series of dates in her hometown, and she’s now touring the US.

Strange Feeling was recorded at Birdland Studios with Robert Upward and Lindsay Gravina. The lyrics focus on Shelley’s experiences of the past 10 years. After her previous works An Atheist Album and Little March, I was interested in learning more about her new EP – and that’s why I interviewed her!


Episode Five

Michael Boyd took over as the President of the Atheist Foundation of Australia in 2013. Yet not many people might know about him!

He’s been working with the team to produce press releases, has spoken out in the media, appeared on television and has represented the Australian atheist viewpoint at conferences in Australia – and now in Asia.