12th February 04 is the 195th anniversary of the birth of Charles Robert Darwin.

Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc, Humanist Society of SA Inc and Skeptics SA, proudly support the Darwin Day Program www.darwinday.org in celebrating the birth of this great scientist.

“Darwin Day is an international celebration of science and humanity as exemplified in the life, work and influence of Charles Darwin. It is celebrated by people around the world who value the adventurous spirit and natural curiosity that scientists and explorers of all kinds share.

The Program features the work of men and women throughout history who have contributed to the understanding of life within the physical universe, while honouring the pioneering role played by Charles Darwin. The program highlights topics of interest within science and also explores how evolution impacts humanity.

The long-term goal of the Program is to culminate the vision of Darwin Day into a global celebration in 2009 and to increase the educational outreach projects available. 2009 marks the bicentennial of Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of The Origin of Species. In the intervening years the program intends to build toward the goal of a global celebration by reaching out to all science-enthusiasts around the world – encouraging them to celebrate Darwin Day and champion the public understanding and appreciation of science within their communities.”
Darwin Day Program
Charles Darwin Quotes-

“In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment.”

“Nothing before had ever made me thoroughly realise, though I had read various scientific books, that science consists in grouping facts so that general laws or conclusions may be drawn from them.”

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