16th May, 04

The proposed legislation by Senator Chris Ellison, the “Crimes Legislation Amendment: Telecommunications Offences and Other Measures Bill (04)”, is a poorly conceived proposition, or a purposed and cynical attack on the rights of states and legitimate Voluntary Euthanasia organisations.

By linking the insidious character of child pornography with suicide, without proper definition, leaves the amendment open to democratically unacceptable biased interpretation.

The Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc can arrive at no conclusion other than that the amendment is a personal religiously advanced proposal or policy of a religious group within parliament.

The AFA views such religious interference with a seriousness demanded by a democracy following the ethos of separation of church and state.

Keith Cornish, President of the AFA said: “This is an unmitigated attack on the rights of states and the individual, with future ramifications similar to the time of the misery wrought by illegal abortion. If politicians have not the sense or the gumption to react and react strongly against this amendment then they are receiving their incomes by false pretences.”