17th August, 04

Federal politicians have betrayed not just the lesbian and gay community, but all fair minded people in Australia, by the introduction of legislation to ban same-sex marriage. A vociferous minority blinded by their indoctrinated religious affiliations have seen this as a victory for the ‘values’ they hold with maniacal passion.

All available credible evidence clearly shows that homosexuality is NOT a lifestyle choice. On the contrary homophobes have NO credible evidence to support their shallow case, but still CHOOSE to ignore the facts.

The Howard Liberal government, a theocracy already in the making, could be expected to opt for ignorance on this matter. That Labor has followed quietly in its footsteps is damming verification it would rather acquiesce to stupidity than stand tall pronouncing the dangers of Church and State alliances.

Liberal, Labor and the religions they attempt to cynically appease at all costs with such cavalier legislation, can be seen in no other light than irresponsible harbingers of the undoing of democracy.

Placed in proper perspective, in a world where hate grows by the day, our leaders have decided in their ethically infantile minds that love has no place of equal protection. With ‘infinite wisdom’ they have seen fit to make important an issue that the majority of Australians do not.

A spokesperson for the AFA said: “Lawmakers should immediately make a clear recantation of this outrageous legislation. If such simple decisions are beyond them, they have no right to hold onto the privileged positions of power given by an Australia that respects and expects fair-play for all in the democratic process.”