7th November, 04

Together with free-thinkers world-wide, the AFA is gravely concerned at the re-election of George W Bush as the President of the United States of America. The decisive factor was the massive support from the evangelical Christian Right and this portends a future based on religious initiatives as a pay-back. This, coupled with the fundamental leanings of Mr Bush, augurs badly for social, national and international peace and security. It sounds the death-knell for the legal equality of women and minority groups, which are seen as a threat to religious dogma.

Whilst not in the same league as the USA, a similar situation now exists in Australia, for the evangelical fundamental Family First Party will be demanding social ‘reforms’ by the Christian-orientated members of Federal Parliament.

In America the religious control of government is far more open than in Australia but the potential is becoming obvious here. Instead of disclosing its religious base, the Family First Party used the simplistic notion of ‘the protection of the family’ as a vote winner. It failed to disclose that its main aim is the promotion of the shallow ‘moral’ interpretations of its particular beliefs.

The AFA President, Keith Cornish, said: “Today religious scams with social and military power are striving for world-dominance. Science and Reason are being overwhelmed by superstition and beliefs that have no factual base. There is no evidence of anything supernatural. In common with every life-form we have only one life and it is here and now.

There is no possibility of a Muslim Paradise, a Christian Heaven or re-incarnation. Religion is as naked as Hans Andersen’s Emperor. It is time for religion to be subjected to critical examination.

Everyone is free to believe what they choose but when beliefs impinge on the welfare of society and the planet, then it is time to challenge religion.”