22nd December 06

Despite no ex-biblical historical evidence for the alleged miraculous happenings in the New Testament; despite the alleged historical character known as Jesus was most likely a composite production of later years, despite the knowledge there has never been one instance of a reliably recorded supernatural occurrence in all of history, in a universe governed by natural laws, the Christmyth persists.

Planet Earth faces immense problems with Global Warming, overpopulation, diminishing energy supplies and ecological system breakdown of such seriousness as to affect future survival. Humanity is playing a fools game continuing to indoctrinate children with mythological stories as though they represent reality.

The striking differences in theological fantasies of the main religions, all held as the ‘truth’, with equal fervour, points very obviously they all result from wishful delusion. Each group has, or is intending to have, nuclear weapons. Each group has always demonstrated aggressive behaviours to the others.

Will it be of help to the desperate and doomed survivors to suddenly realise it really was a Christmyth?