Abortion is a private matter, not a criminal one. A justified majority consensus of society has at last recognised this reality.

The vociferous far-right anti-abortion brigade not only considers they possess absolute truth, they wish to have it imposed politically on the rest of the population. These fanatics do not want to know about the reasons for decriminalisation of abortion as rationality is not their strong point.

They promote that women are inferior and exist only as perpetual incubators without the same rights afforded to males. From where does the knowledge they alone possess originate? It certainly does not come from a compassionate and understanding humanity. No, the innate ‘truth’ fervently expounded is a direct result of the interference to malleable minds by a religious upbringing.

Religious fear has so traumatised their thinking that reasoning ability has conceded to dogmatic simplicity.

It matters not to them the consequential negative cost to women.

Politicians taking heed of fraudulent religious and cultural indoctrination do a disservice to democracy in general and to all fecund women in particular.

David Nicholls
Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc
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