17 January 09

The growing list of countries running or intending to run Atheist adverts on buses are Britain, France, Spain, Italy, the USA, Canada, and Ireland. Places most likely to disallow displays of Atheists advertisements on buses are Australia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Africa and other politically/religious dysfunctional regimes.

President of the Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc, David Nicholls said, “Bus company advertising executives must realise by now they have made a hasty assessment in banning AFA adverts on public metropolitan buses.

If they are incapable of altering this decision, the government bodies in control of public transport should step in and change it for them.

Australia’s international reputation as a country where freedom of expression thrives is under severe scrutiny. The ensuing condemnation is widespread, as it should be.

All of this because of these frightening words, “Atheism – Celebrate reason!”

We are not the fair and progressive country we thought we were. Isn’t that more than sad?”

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