By now, many of you would have seen or heard about last night’s Four Corners expose on ABC1, “A Bloody Business.”

It was an explosive, confronting piece of journalism about the Australian Live Export trade to Indonesia, and we encourage you to check it out for yourself if you haven’t already:

Amongst many other things, the segment brings to light the practice of “Halal” or “Dhabiha”, the method of slaughtering animals in accordance with Islamic law. This practice lies at the heart of the tension between the Australian Live Export industry, Indonesian abattoirs, Indonesian consumers and animal welfare organisations.

Halal stipulates that the animal must be slaughtered while it is conscious. It is the reason most of the suffering is inflicted. If stun guns were allowed (as is practiced in Australia) then much unnecessary suffering would be avoided.

The principle of Dhabiha may sound humane in principal, but last night’s Four Corners program demonstrates that in practice, far too often this is not the case.

This is yet another example of religious thinking and superstition actively causing suffering, and inhibiting progress in society.

For more information, please visit Animals Australia and the RSPCA’s new campaign website:

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