13th October 03

It was the unanimous decision of the full committee of the Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc that the annual prestigious Grossly Outlandish Deficiency Award be presented to Anglican Archbishop, Peter Jensen.

A spokesperson for the Foundation said that Peter Jensen was deserving of such recognition for his untiring contribution to the promotion of homophobia in his religious role in the community.  The new Catholic Cardinal, George Pell and NSW Parliamentarian, Reverend Fred Nile were amongst the final choices for the award but were pipped at the post by Bishop Jensen’s very public homophobic outpourings.

He said that Peter Jensen blatantly abrogated his responsibility to his fellow humans by his open rejection of homosexual people in preference to accepting selected passages from the Bible.

“Exodus 22:18 clearly states, Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live: and the same Bible extols the virtues of slavery, violence, rape and genocide.  One has to wonder as to why Bishop Jensen rejects such direct commandments and ‘moral’ messages in favour of accepting those of a more ambiguous sexual nature?”

He went on to say that he hoped the anti-social example set by the very deserving award winning Archbishop Peter Jensen was an inspiration to the public in the opposite way it was intended.

“The annual Atheist Foundation G.O.D. award will help in this regard”, he said.

He also added: “The award, having no substance, is ethereal in nature, in line with religious convention and this should pose no problem to the beneficiary.”