22nd February 04

In light of the release of the film, The Passion of the Christ, and the obvious ill effects religions are bringing to the world, the Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc would wish to make the following observations:

In regard to The Passion of the Christ, Atheists consider that the concept of an innocent scapegoat being sacrificed to make atonement for the wrongdoing of the guilty is morally disgusting and impossible.

The Passion of the Christ is based on literature from nearly two thousand years ago. What is the method employed by Christians that assures the rest of us that these words were not written by insane, deluded or fraudulent people, and indeed, are they factual?

What is the method employed by Christians, that amongst the myriad of different religious writings, what shows theirs to be the correct version of an alleged supernatural history? All religions claim to be the correct one. Why are any correct?

Why did genuine history not report the ‘wonders’ of this time, after all, it did involve an alleged god being human and performing extraordinary feats.

The Atheist Foundation of Australia condemns the violence, in the old and the new testaments, on which Christianity is based.

An AFA media representative added: “If Christian indoctrination is capable of having the faithful accept this abhorrent story as having some moral goodness, then there is a lesson for humanity that we are too mentally pliable for our own good. We all have within us the propensity to accept the unacceptable if the right strings are repetitiously pulled when we are young. We must wake up to this serious evolutionary produced flaw in our character before it becomes our total undoing.”