14th August, 04

The Atheist Foundation of Australia finds the anti-abortion messages promoted by the religious both reprehensible and unacceptable.

Wearing the trench coat of patriarchal self-righteousness, covering a naked, emotional ideology, bereft of an understanding of human sexuality, they stand guilty of preying upon the female gender.

To ignore the knowledge that unwanted conception can happen by mistake, sexual spontaneity, failed contraception, ignorance, drug-altered mental states, coercion and rape and then to demand the resultant pregnancy to fruition is a sentiment steeped in unachievable idealistic nonsense.

It is unconscionable to promote anti-abortion whilst also rejecting comprehensive sex education. But even if it were not so, abortion would still be a necessary medical procedure for various reasons and it must remain available for the women who choose to terminate.

Keith Cornish, President of the AFA said: “The churches are holding females and males to ransom on the abortion issue. Instead of upholding a baseless absolutism, with the planned intention of creating unnecessary guilt, a reality-check concerning the harm caused to individuals and societies by their uncompromising stand should be examined.

Women seeking abortion need full societal support, not unprovable male ‘faith’ driven condemnation.”