After much consideration, it was the unanimous decision of the full committee of the Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc that the annual prestigious Grossly Outlandish Deficiency Award be presented to Catholic Cardinal, George Pell.

A spokesperson for the AFA, said: “Heaven knows how much time we have spent on arriving at this decision. What with Peter Costello showing his mind-numbed side at the Hillsong gathering, Tony Abbott’s moralising on abortion and other matters, the Pope demonstrating the ineffectiveness of Lourdes and the Family First Party trying to convince the public that they are anything but a right-wing fundamentalist Christian group, the task of choosing gave us a devil of a time and was almost in need of divine inspiration.”

He continued: “I was leaning towards voting for the Family First Party because of their real goals of imposing a narrow creed onto a society not fully au fait with their outdated aims and methods. I changed my mind and voted for George Pell when the other members brought my attention to the past and immediate danger that Cardinal Pell presented to any person, cloaked or lay, daring to violate his dictatorial pronouncements.” The coup de grace his endorsement of the new ‘wheaty’ wafer. Coeliacs beware!

Once again, as is usual with this award, it having no substance and being ethereal in nature, in line with religious convention, this should pose no problem to the beneficiary.