Unevidenced in history and an unethical example.

21st March, 05

Theologians agree that the resurrection and other alleged miracles performed by the Biblical character Jesus are not evidenced by non-partisan historians of the time.

The name Easter is derived from the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of spring and renewal, Eostre. The concept of resurrection is a common theme in ancient religions.

New Testament writers fail to mention the ensuing chaos that would have occurred, when on the death of Jesus, between the ‘sixth and the ninth hour’, worldwide darkness actually happened. There is no ex-biblical reporting of this dramatic event and its consequences. Concerning this, history is completely silent.

The Christian tradition of Easter is based on the bloodthirsty vicarious sacrifice of a god/man in atonement for the sin of disobedience of Eve and Adam.

Spokesperson for the Atheist Foundation of Australia, David Nicholls, had this to say: “Christianity is based on an ethically unacceptable precept. The creator god, Yahweh, without informing Eve and Adam of the difference between right and wrong, severely punished them and the rest of humanity for a simple mistake. The purportedly all-knowing Yahweh knew that Eve and Adam would transgress.”

The AFA rejects the notion of the Genesis fable of original ‘sin’ as an unprincipled sham. It is also a morally bankrupt ‘belief’ that an innocent party, in this case, Jesus, can expiate the culpability of the guilty. The guiltless may pay the price but the wrongdoer will always remain responsible.

Religious mythology, as a cosmic explanation is no longer a viable option for humanity. It is an existing and growing threat to social equality and planetary survival.