6th July, 05

The annual Hillsong convention seems to have attracted a number of high profile politicians. The nature of religion disallows the public from knowing if such fervour is the result of religiosity or expediency. Their public appearance validates one ‘faith’ over many others or none.

Australians should be aware that even relatively small numbers of evangelicals, bends politics in their favour more than is warranted. The threat to social stability and equality on issues such as abortion, lesbian and gay rights and censorship is real. The legitimate drive for the introduction of legal voluntary euthanasia, already stymied by frightened politicians, suffers further setback by their presence.

Always able to find a minority to be the enemy of their imagined god, the greater their power the more enemies they will find.

President of The AFA, David Nicholls, said: “Leaders need to understand that religion going beyond being a private matter between consenting adults, is a looming threat to the democratic ideal.”