16th July, 05

We are irrefutably entrenched in World War III. However, stealth attack followed by brutal reprisal is not conducive to a resolution while continually ignoring the cause.

The platitudinal resolve displayed by world leaders does little for the victims as once only lives are gone or shattered. Seeking revenge, the response to mindless acts of savagery, will assure more innocent human-fodder fed into the unquenchable fires of ‘the war against terrorism’. Escalating tit-for-tat exchanges exploding into an all out nightmare scenario, is now a guessing game of not if, but when.

The mixture of religion and politics is humanity’s dire enemy. Generational ‘truths’ implanted, unrestricted into pliable minds, must become a mistake of the past. Indoctrinating children into monotheistic cultures, producing a ‘rightness’ beyond rational reproach, requires widespread condemnation.

Acceptance that a particular ‘god’ does or does not exist, or is the correct one, is not the problem. It is that young minds are psychologically susceptible to repetitious teaching of entrenched unevidenced religious ideas. This method ensures retention and blind unthinking reception in adulthood.

President of the Atheist Foundation of Australia, David Nicholls, added; “We cannot expect to influence other religions if we fear to question our own. Let adults ‘believe’ what they wish, if chosen without coercion, but the infant and on religious induction cycle must be broken. We are only one generation away from halting this induced violent insanity for evermore. There is no other way.”