Education Minister, Brendan Nelson is out of line in suggesting the tandem teaching of ‘intelligent design’ and evolutionary theory. The theory of Evolution is the result of testable, repeatable and checkable information, the product of disciplined scientific method. ‘Intelligent design’ is purely an assumption, and does not meet the standards of genuine scientific appraisal. There is no point in the promotion of the ID concept other than to lead children into a mind-set where they are then susceptible to accepting religious myth as fact.

ID is an attack on science, in that it plays upon yet unknown parts of evolutionary theory whilst ignoring the plethora of evidence in its favour. It also ignores fires, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, pathogens, disease and genetic malfunction, presumedly a macabre joke played by the ‘intelligent designer’. Those gullible enough not to recognise ID’s ideologically driven and intentionally deceptive agenda, should have no representation in forming education policy for the children of society who possess limited critical evaluation skills and who are the least able to mentally defend themselves.

President of The AFA, David Nicholls, said: “The promoters of ‘intelligent design’ are using the old ‘god of the gaps’ argument. ‘ID’ is not a theory, ‘ID’ is not a hypothesis, ‘ID’ is not even a very good guess.”