5th September, 05

The disarray within the NSW Liberal party is directly attributable to religious fundamentalism. The insidious USA style of politics has crept in under the sanity radar because the population has been ‘protected’ from proper criticism of traditional ‘faiths’. Fundamentalism is a result of religion and it is not an aberration. As long as conventional religion exists, so will the extreme example.

Humanity is dicing with a return to the dark-ages or annihilation by allowing religious agendas to dominate the world and local scene. How many warnings are needed before the basis of all religion is crucially examined? They would be found lacking of any supporting evidence whatsoever under such an investigation. Are we happy to be submissive and go quietly to civilisation’s grave without a frightened whimper or rational suggestion that it is all a lie?

President of the Atheist Foundation of Australia, David Nicholls added: “It is a poor mental attitude that still wishes for mythical places and beings to exist with the vast and all-encompassing knowledge that is available to us today. It does not portend well for the future of politics or democracy.”