The South Australian State election offers the promise of negatively altering social policy on a number of important fronts. The Family First Party, a purposed misnomer, will impinge on the rights of ordinary citizens in line with Christian Fundamentalist ideals. An adequate amount of investigative journalism, as it should, may curtail Family First from holding the powerful position of two seats in the Upper House. Many voters are unaware of the mischief inherent in a party that views church and state alliances as a must, in order to propagandise its narrow agenda.

Under threat will be; comprehensive sex education such as the Sexual Health and Reproductive Education Program (SHARE), the right to choose a termination, gay and lesbian equality, science lessons distorted by ‘intelligent design’, stem-cell research and Legal Voluntary Euthanasia aspirations. The touted message on drugs will have no beneficial effect but if implemented, would give young people a criminal record for life.

President of the AFA, David Nicholls, said; “The Family First party, with its divisive and retrograde policies is a danger to the democratic ideal. A party with no conscience about narrowing or even cementing together church and state boundaries is not deserving of any votes in a county that has so enormously prospered in every way because of pluralism.”