5th April, 06

John Howard insists he is not anti-gay, but he is not telling the whole truth. Mr Howard failed to mention that gay marriage is against his particular indoctrinated Christian view and he doesn’t mind distorting democracy in its support.

Politicians and church leaders remain shamefully silent on how such narrow attitudes detrimentally affect homosexual people. These include, causing depression, a sense of worthlessness, suicide, isolation, physical harm, psychological damage and death by thoughtless ‘gay bashers’. The majority of society understands that same sex orientation is a part of the sexual spectrum.

As with the overturning of the NT Voluntary Euthanasia legislation, the government is imposing views born of ignorant ancient tribesmen, as though they are relevant in the modern world.

David Nicholls, President of the AFA said; “Will equality ever find its true meaning amongst the culturally induced bigotry still rampant in the 21st century?”