2nd May, 06

The Atheist Foundation of Australia is deeply concerned at the ever-encroaching interference of religion in State and Federal politics. Therefore, it has initiated a series of television advertisements, alerting the public to the consequences of blurring state and church boundaries. The campaign had a successful trial presentation on South Australian television and next in-line will be Tasmania, followed by the other states and territories.

The blind adherence to words of ancient tribesmen is having an increasingly detrimental influence on our pluralist system of governance. Voters need to be aware of the consequences of over-representation of religion in affairs of state, as is exampled by rampant fundamentalist zealotry distorting policy in the USA.

David Nicholls, President of the Atheist Foundation of Australia added; “It is essential for society to re-examine the mistaken notion that unchecked religion is either benign at worst or even good for democracy, for it is neither. There is urgency in that reason must prevail over ‘faith’ or oppression and tyranny will proliferate.”