A falsity with adverse political ramifications

14th July, 06

Once again, the Australian public will fill out the non-obligatory question on the Census form concerning religious affiliation. Most have no understanding that stating their present philosophical status and not their infant and on indoctrinated ‘faith’ is a prerequisite for accuracy.

The idea of the question is to allow for planning into the future but it has become an exercise in chicanery in providing false figures to bolster flagging religious statistics. The outcome of the interference in state matters, greater than the actual real numbers of adherents, distorts democracy in a most unhealthy manner.

Church leaders are aware of the inaccuracy in the counting method and the undue augmentation of influence but remain silent as the lie is in their favour. The morals, values and absolutes so often used to rail against social ills, perceived or real, do not see the light of day on this most important issue.

David Nicholls, president of the AFA said; “If the religious question in the Census was truthfully answered, the Atheist (Non-religious) numbers would be somewhere between 30% and 50% or more. People are answering it along traditional lines even though they have long since had no connection with or belief in a particular religion. It is a sign of mental immaturity to continue with this sham in accommodating a very small percentage of the population.”