18th September 06

Without any hesitation, Pope Benedict XVI was the lucky recipient chosen by the full Committee of the Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc. for the annual prestigious G.O.D. award. (Grossly Outlandish Deficiency)

The assessment was not solely based on the total lack of responsibility regarding the rejection of the use of condoms in the fight against HIV/AIDS in developing nations, even though this resulted in an immensity of death and misery. Nor were Vatican proclamations in opposition to same sex unions, stem cell research or the many other inanities, the deciding factor.

The Islamic blunder was not surprising as each religion in reality, regardless of the occasional expression of ecumenical nicety, hold all the others in such low esteem.

The pivotal about face of giving legitimacy to the “intelligent design” guess was by far the most disturbing announcement, with the largest negative implications for the planet. The ammunition afforded fundamentalist forces already setting humanity on a course to theocratic tyranny, have their non-case bolstered by such an irresponsible conclusion. Pope John Paul II, who conceded that evolution was an irrefutably correct interpretation of nature, would be turning in his sepulchre on hearing such nonsense.

President of the AFA, David Nicholls noted; “One is left wondering if the white smoke at pope-choosing time was not the result of partaking in illicit substances. Recent papal advocacy of matters irrational suggests that if so, it appears the illegal habit continues.”

Once again, as is usual with this award, in it having no substance and being ethereal by nature, in line with religious convention, this should pose no problem to the beneficiary.