21st September 06

Atheists rise to the challenge of a PUBLIC DEBATE in Launceston, TASMANIA by ‘creationists’ at the Horton Auditorium, Scotch Oakburn Senior School, Penquite Road, NEWSTEAD on Friday 29th September 2006, 7.00PM – 9.30PM.

President of the Atheist Foundation of Australia, David Nicholls said; “We have accepted the challenge by Craig Hawkins from the Combined Baptist Churches of Launceston, to debate evolution, science, Atheism, religion and creationism because of the importance to humanity of these topics. Mr Hawkins offered the challenge as a reaction against the AFA television advertisement linking religion with oppression. However, we insist Atheism is a proven positive force for civilization. Those proposing there are supernatural realms and entities must supply evidence universally accepted in the court of reason. As there have been many thousands of religions, this is a very straightforward and reasonable request.”

There has never been a more crucial time in history when all religions are in need of critical analysis. The involvement of various faiths and sects in present world affairs and potential future planetary strife makes this imperative and urgent. Atheism is not opposed to religion per se, but is vehemently against unevidenced monotheistic childhood indoctrination.

Nicholls added; “The media profitably filled the airwaves and its pages when “intelligent design” exploded onto the Australian scene. Now is the chance to do some responsible and genuine investigative reporting on the methods and distortions supporting these socially disruptive, scientifically erroneous and globally dangerous delusions? The AFA has accepted the challenge but the question is will the media attend and do likewise?”