21st October 06

The Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc calls upon all elected representatives to recognise the dangers inherent in smothering democracies and endangering humanity et al with the present religious fetish sweeping the globe. A mustard seed of reason is all that is needed to conclude there is not a skerrick of evidenced for anything supernatural and that such concepts result from the evolutionary process hyping imaginations through cultural and specific religious indoctrination.

The planet is facing enough potential and established crises and they only have the possibility of being lessened or averted by rational thought and due deliberation. Pretend god games create enmity between nations and engender a false sense of personal security at the cost of oppressing selected groups.

President of the AFA, David Nicholls had this to say; “Those ‘believing’ in magical invisible friends and kingdoms are as deluded as they consider adherents of all the other religions, of which there is a bountiful supply. It is nigh time that politicians, community leaders and statespersons, not infected with the ‘faith’ gene/meme, to stand-up and be counted by injecting voices of sanity into the public arena.”