The Federal Government announcement, via Tony Abbott, of $51 million going to Catholic-controlled pregnancy counselling services is an alarming continuation of religious intrusion in the political/social sphere.

This is on top of a $90 million impost for the ill-conceived Australia-wide chaplaincy program.

There already exists property rate exemptions, taxation benefits, private-school funding and other privileges being pilfered from the communal purse.

This growing religious ideological push is unrepresentative of the population, a recipe for social divisiveness and a blueprint for increased inequality.

Tony Abbott has succumbed to a well-honed faith-based infant indoctrination process and needs to recognise that delusional thinking should be kept as a private matter between consenting adults.

It must not be used to form public policy for a secular political system.

Contracting religious organisations to fulfil government welfare or other responsibilities can do naught but carry a heavy unhelpful bias.