24th October 07

Over six million people declared no religious affiliation or did not answer the question concerning religion in the 2006 Census. It would be no exaggeration to suggest that millions of voters are, to say the least, uneasy about aspiring parliamentarians prostituting their wares in the beds of various denominations.

Australia is subject to the same real problems besetting humanity and the biosphere as the rest of the world. A large proportion of those dilemmas have their basis in the main ‘faiths’ which dangerously believe humans are protected by ‘providence’ and are a special species originated by a god.

With no evidence for such lavish claims, anymore than there is for fairies, some politicians still pander to the wild imaginations of those who base their reasoning on childhood indoctrination by one of the numerous religions. Many of our leaders have also succumbed to such fanciful methods.

President of the Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc, David Nicholls said; “The predicaments faced by the planet which are bringing us ever closer to extinction are not going to be solved by imaginary beings and realms. Now, as never before, politicians, who place reliance on supernatural concepts in decision-making, should be shunned like the plague.”